José Manuel Requena
Head of Interreg/Regional Policy

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Mr. Requena is PhD in History of Art at the University of Seville; Degree in Geography and History at the University of Seville; Master Degree in European Politics at the University Libre de Bruxelles and Master in Prevention of labour risks; Degree in Pedagogy at University of Seville. At Finnova, he works as a Projects Manager and Delegate of the Finnova branch office in Andalusia Region (Spain).

Moreover, he is responsible for the monitoring of Interreg projects and follow-up Interreg Programme actions. Besides, he is specialist in LIFE Programme where he has worked as EU project officer for several Spanish public and private organisations such as Andalusian Regional Government, IAT, CTAER. Moreover, he has been engaged as project officer in several successful and approved LIFE projects, for instance, LIFE13 ENV/ES/001333; LIFE18 ENV/ES /000397, etc.