EN.Fondos Campo Social

Content: in this online course you will find that the European Social Fund (ESF) is Europe’s main tool for promoting employment and social inclusion, helping people get a job (or a better job), integrating disadvantaged people into society and ensuring fairer life opportunities for all.

It does this by investing in Europe’s people and their skills, – employed and jobless, young and old. Every year, the Fund helps some 10 million people into work, or to improve their skills to find work in future.

Methodology: online through Finnova’s e-learning platform, the EU Training Platform, created exclusively to offer the best quality of teaching through gamification tools and the achievement of milestones that favour the understanding of information. The course is supported by tutorials via videoconference by experts in the field with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Who is it for? Entrepreneurs, public or private entities, investors, officials, students or anyone who wants to know first-hand.

Duration: 40 hours of online lessons (20h theory/20h practice)

Certificate: After the course you will receive an official certificate.